The open-air gAallery :
an open-air space
hosting photography exhibitions

A street photography gallery in the heart of a residential area of Ixelles, a stone’s throw from the ‘Musée communal’. Set up by the inhabitants of the neighborhood, the open-air gAallery proposes exhibitions accessible to the greatest number and renewed annually.

Entrusted to Arnaud Ghys, this first exhibition celebrates the good neighborliness and diversity of the community through a series of lantern portraits of residents.

The numerous blind windows are a characteristic feature of the residential buildings in the neighborhood. They are the result of a law dating from the Napoleonic period which linked the amount of the housing tax to the number of windows in the façade of the house. The architects of the time found a way to limit the number of windows, while maintaining their location for the sake of harmony. Wasn’t there enough material to organize superb open-air exhibitions?

Where to find the gAalerie ?

Accessible to all, rue Van Aa, rue de la Cité and rue du Viaduc, in Ixelles, a stone’s throw from the town hall, the Ixelles Museum, Matonge and Flagey.