The idea of the gAalery was born in 2016. A neighbor of the Van Aa street, had just seen “Visages villages” by Agnès Varda & Jr, a film in which we follow the two companions in a joyful road-movie during which they make photographs and stick them in the places they discover.

Dreaming of the beautiful images offered during the film, his attention was drawn to the many blind windows in the neighborhood surrounding Rue Van Aa, which are a specificity of the buildings of this small part of Brussels.

Aren’t they the perfect settings for an outdoor photography exhibition?

That’s it, it wasn’t more complicated than that…

Thank you Agnès & Jr. for the inspiration.

  • The talent of Arnaud Ghys, photographer of this first exhibition
  • The printing and the installation by Go4Impact
  • The owners who made their facades available: Henri A., Isabelle D., Sandrine D., Hélène dR., Nolwen G.,  Robert H., Roberto S., Nathalie W.,
  • The neighbors who took part in the game: Nathalie et Carl B., Mahmoud B., Christian C., Tacha D. & Violette F., Paul D. & Mélanie P., Clara dU & Bérénice D., Joanne F., Sonia & Marcus J. & their kids, Akiko K., Nakani & Youssouf K.,  Marie-Rose M., David M., Zoubida M., Fabienne & Nicolas M.,  Thomas M., Laure, Michaël & Clémentine N.-P., Elisa R., Marcel V.
  • The financing within the framework of the Contrat de quartier durable – thanks again to Julien Claessens and his team – , 
  • The support of Christos Doulkeridis, Mayor, Nevruz Unal, Alderman of the Neighborhood Contracts, Ken Ndiaye & Els Gossé, Aldermen of Culture, Yves Rouyet, Alderman of Urbanism and the members of the College of the Mayor and Aldermen of the Commune of Ixelles









Notice to owners

Do you own a house with blind windows in Van Aa or the surrounding streets and would like to help us make the gAalery the largest open-air photography gallery in the galaxy?…