The elaboration of the exhibition projects and their curation is carried out by the team, in close collaboration with the photographers who will be exhibiting in the gallery, as well as in consultation with the members of the artistic council of the gAallery (which we are in the process of constituting, one thing at a time…).

Sylvia Boulaert

Graphic and webmistres delegate, time keeper & problemsolver.

Christian Clairembourg

Grand Consul for Architectural Affairs & custodian of the neighborhood’s memory.

David Martens

Initiator of the project, High Commissioner of the antics, who became an expert in the administrative meanderings of the Commune. 

Elisa Noro

Attendant to the delight of the taste buds, renamed “Mama-Samosa”.

Claire Terlinden

Ministry of public relations, proofreading & … white wine.

Philip Von Thau

Chancellor of Imagery and Grand Manitou of Serenity.